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Numerology is New on the Mobile Spa Menu

Hello Spa Lovers. We are pleased to announce that we've added Numerology Readings to the Mobile Spa Menu.

Numerology is the study of the energy of numbers and how specific numbers influence the trajectory of a life. Numbers are the language of the Universe and every star in the sky, every wave in the ocean, every leaf on every tree, every song ever sung and every single person who has ever walked the earth has a numerical signature.

what do the numbers mean?


Numerologists know the formulas required to calculate a person's numbers and how to interpret their meaning. In order to do a reading, Numerologists need to have the correct spelling of the full birth name and the accurate birth date of the person. From there, they calculate and record a series of numbers to look behind the scenes and gain a deeper understanding of a person.

The first four numbers in a Numerology Reading are known as the Core Numbers and these numbers include the Life Path, the Expression, the Soul Urge, and the day of the month of the birth. Numerologists can look at many details in a person's chart, but the core numbers give plenty of information already.

The Life Path number, also known as "the Opportunity," is the most important number of all in a Numerology chart. It represents 40% of the core. The Life Path number can stand alone in a quick reading and it's calculated from the birthdates.

The Expression number influences 30% of the core and it's the second number calculated. The Expression number reflects the person's ability.

The next number in the core is the Soul Urge and this number measures a person's motivation. It influences 20% of the core.

The rest of the numbers in the core are taken from the birthday.

Please read "November 11, 1918 was a Very Auspicious Day in History," on the Homespunspa blog to see how Numerology works.

Numerology Readings

Add Mini Numerology Readings by Maria Alexandra to any mobile spa service. By the end of the Mini Reading, you'll know your Core numbers including Life Path, Expression and Soul Urge and how these numbers are influencing your life...$30.

Please call, text or email during business hours (Pacific Time) and we'll get back to you within the next 2 business days to make your appointment.

And if you'd like to go even deeper into your Numerology Chart...

Join Me For a Half-Day, Know Your 21 Numbers, Numerology Intensive

The Know Your 21 Numbers Numerology Intensive is Half-Day, Intensive, Numerology Reading that takes place either in person or over the phone. I'll calculate the 21 major numbers in your chart in 3 different sessions over the course of an afternoon so you can tap into your soul's purpose and subconscious mind and get a better idea of the themes of your life and how your life works.

Get ready for a fascinating conversation!

Session 1: By the end of the session, you'll know your Core Numbers including Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge, and Master Numbers (if any), and how these numbers are influencing your life.

Session 2: Building on your Core Numbers, by the end of the session, you'll know your Growth, Maturity, and Challenge Numbers, Karmic Debt (if any), Karmic Lessons (if any), and Temperament, and how these numbers are influencing your life.

Session 3: By the end of the afternoon, you'll also know your Secret Self, 1st Consonant, 1st Vowel, Balance Number, Effectiveness of Your Name, and Life Path Periods, and how these numbers are influencing your life.

How does that sound?

Let me know you're interested in talking about signing up for a Half-Day, Know Your 21 Numbers, Numerology Intensive reading with me.

Please call, text or email during business hours (Pacific Time) and we'll get back to you within the next 2 business days.

I'm looking forward to hearing, "Yes, Maria, I am interested in hearing more about your Half-Day, Know Your 21 Numbers, Numerology Intensive."

Let's talk.


Maria Alexandra Koropecky

More Numerology Readings Are Also Available


By the end of the session, you'll know how compatible you are with someone else. We'll look at your Core Numbers, your Temperaments, the Effectiveness of your Names, and your Personal Years, and see how these numbers are influencing your relationship. This is a great option for people who are considering marriage or forming a business partnership, etc.


By the end of the session, you'll know the Effectiveness of a potential Name Change (like a pen name or a stage name), Baby Name, or Business Name and how these numbers may play out.


Have a customized 12-month, Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day Calendar made just for you so you know your optimum dates for romance, career, fun, etc. Order yours today to start from any month... $125



Numerology University — Find Maria Alexandra Koropecky (Canada) listed as a Certified Numerology Practitioner on the Numerology University Directory.


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