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Energy Healing

Hello Spa Lovers.

Do you know someone who is suffering from an illness or disease and who would appreciate a healing? Chances are you know someone who has MS or cancer or depression or has just been injured in an accident and you feel they would benefit from a kind service that will boost their spirits and will help them feel better sooner.

At Homespunspa Mobile Spa, that's our business and now we're pleased to announce that as of 2013, we've added a new service to our mobile spa menu: Energy Healing.

Homespunspa owner, Maria, recently learned Higher Transformational Healing, or Higher Touch for short.

Higher Transformational Healing is a healing modality developed by Frederick K. Vokey that taps into the concepts that our Body, Mind and Spirit are connected by an energy field that is all around us and we can learn to channel this energy to help each other feel better.

Maria has been trained to hold a high vibration of healing energy and have it flow to the person who needs healing. The Higher Transformational Healing takes place when the person in need transforms his or her vibration to a healthy vibration.

Please read about my chakra balancing massage in my September 2015 Ewesletter, The Most Woo Woo Thing I Do...

What is Energy Healing? Infographic from Mindvalley Academy

what is energy healing

Healing Testimonials

After receiving a healing treatment from Maria hours after surgery, Phyllis said, "Maria, you have nice, calming energy. I really felt myself relax. Thank you for doing this healing work."

And Lida said, "You have a lot of heat coming off your hands," when Maria helped her recover faster from an accidental eye injury.

Healing Services on the Homespunspa Menu

HIGHER TOUCH HEALING: Receive a high vibration of healing energy and transform your vibration to a healthy vibration. 60 Minutes...$65.00

HIGHER TOUCH HEALING ADD-ON: Add a Higher Touch Healing to any of our mobile spa services like facials, massages, manicures and pedicures to enhance your appointments. 30 Minutes...$35.00

HIGHER TOUCH ABSENT HEALING: Request an "absent" or "distant" healing for a friend who lives outside the Victoria, BC area by sending an email with "healing request" in the subject line to Maria at Homespunspa. Submit your request in 50 words or less and please include first and last names. 15 donation.

PRAYER REQUEST: If you'd like us to pray for yourself or someone else, you are welcome to send an email with "prayer request" or "healing request" in the subject line to Maria at Homespunspa. Submit your request in 50 words or less and please include first and last names. All prayer requests and healing requests are confidential and will remain with our Prayer Circle for 3 months. 3 donation

CHAKRA BALANCING MASSAGE: Essential oils, crystals, music, guided visualization, and relaxing massage are featured in this healing treatment. 60 minutes…$75

WELLNESS COACHING SESSION: Receive wellness coaching and healing on the topic of your choosing like Wellness, Career, Relationships, Spirituality etc. and create a future you can get excited about. 60 minutes...$125.

Wait, there's more...

Creating Wellness ebook is now available on!

Creating Wellness ebook is now available on

Higher Touch Energy Healing Workshops

Anyone can learn how to heal with energy — including YOU. We are all born with the ability to heal ourselves and others and we just need to refresh our memory.

Maria is a certified Higher Touch Energy Healing Instructor and is available to do workshops on the west coast.

In Higher Touch Energy Healing Level 1 workshops, Maria will teach you how to channel the healing energy around you so you can heal yourself and others and become a certified practitioner of Higher Transformational Healing yourself.

During the workshop, you will learn how to:

* Awaken the Healer within;

* Channel Life Force Energy;

* Use Breathing Techniques for Channeling;

* Place your hands on or near the body for healing;

* Do Absent Healing;

* Do Self-Healing;

* Do "The Anywhere Healing;"

* Balance the Chakras;

* Move Bones with a Light Touch;

* Align the Body; and

* Connect with the Council of Healing Masters.

There are many other healing modalities being practiced in the world today such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch, Body Talk, Qi Gong, etc., and they all have their strengths. Even though Higher Touch is the new kid on the block, it has a unique approach and teaches everything from spiritual healing to spiritual development, and helps you connect with your own Council of Healing Masters.

The Higher Touch Energy Healing Level 1 workshop will appeal to anyone like estheticians and massage therapists who work in a spa and want to create more value for their customers. Likewise, anyone who works as a caregiver would also benefit from taking the workshop. Also, all of the people who like to take yoga classes or who are generally interested in spirituality and health might also enjoy learning these healing techniques.

Please read the Homespunspa blog post, "Sign up for my Energy Healing Workshop" for more information.

Please join Maria for level 1 training workshop in 2013. You'll get lots of hands on practice and by the end of the workshop, you'll l become a certified practitioner of Higher Transformational Healing.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could boost someone's spirits with your healing services?

Price: $220 (pay in advance, in person or online) or $250 (last minute)

Presenter & Contact: Maria Koropecky

Websites: or

Hope to see you there!