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Counting Sheep — The Importance of Getting a Good Night's Sleep

You know how everyone seems so stressed out and busy these days, well, I help people who have a lot on their plate relax and enjoy their lives more, through a total wellness program of mobile spa services and life coaching.

Getting a better night's sleep is a great topic for a wellness coaching conversation and all Homespunspa products and services are all designed to encourage relaxation as well as peaceful, healing sleep.

Signs of Insomnia

sleeping sheep stuffed toy.  * If you are having trouble falling asleep;
  * and/or If you have a tendency to wake up during the night plus have difficulty recapturing a somnambulant state;
  * and/or If you wake up way too early in the morning for no specific reason other than something is weighing heavily on your mind;
  * and/or If you wake up not feeling refreshed:
  Then you may be experiencing some degree of insomnia.

1) Consequences of sleep deprivation

Not getting enough sleep is a fairly common affliction for people living in this hustle and bustle world. But many don't realize how neglecting sleep can seriously effect their quality of life, relationships, appearance and even their driving record.

Flickering Memory: Because the brain processes and organizes information during sleeping hours, not sleeping well may affect memory retention. In waking hours, sleep deprivation may weaken concentration and facilitate indecision. For more info on memory, see September 2003 Ewesletter.

Shaky Stress Management: When faced with a stressful situation, those who are sleep-deprived may experience harsher than normal feelings of anger, impatience, frustration, fear and sadness than they would if they had gotten their solid 8-10 hours.

Bad Mood: Sleep deprivation can cultivate feelings of irritability.

Traffic Accidents: Some vehicular accidents can be traced to the driver's lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation, coupled with even one alcoholic drink, can cause trouble on the road.

Declining Complexion: Fatigue shows up on the face in the form of dark circles under the eyes, dry skin and blemishes. Also, poor sleep habits have a way of speeding up the aging process.

Thinning Hair: Lack of sleep can also cause pre-mature hair loss. Although hair traits are mostly genetic, stress plays a role in dandruff and itchy scalp problems as well as in how quickly the hair jumps ship.

Weakened Immunity: People who don't get enough sleep are more vulnerable to catching colds and viruses.

2) Benefits of sleep

Although the act of sleeping is shrouded in mystery, we know it is a necessary part of living. It replenishes energy and perpetuates beauty. It has the power to heal and the wisdom to enlighten. It can whisk the imagination off to strange and glorious, supernatural worlds.

Beauty Sleep. During sleep, the body gets a chance to conduct a little system maintenance. Growth hormones are released, new cells are produced and tissues are renewed. Furthermore, because our facial muscles aren't performing any contortions while sleeping, wrinkle production is suspended and beauty products such as moisturizers get free reign.

3) Tips on Sleeping

At the end of the day, we all need a good night's sleep. Adults need 8-10 hours a night and counting sheep is just one way to send yourself off into the mysterious land of blissful oblivion.

Bedrooms are for sleeping, otherwise they would be called something else. Keep all non-sleep-related activities and things out of your bedroom and design an airy space where you can truly relax.

Pre-sleep rituals. Follow a routine every night before you climb under the sheets. Take a bath, drink some tea, dim the lights. Keep your bedtimes and wake times consistent-even on weekends. Once bedtime rituals are established, your body and mind will cave into sleep much more readily.

Sunlight. Walk outside, preferably under the sun (or during daylight hours) at least once a day. This will keep your internal clock on track and give you a chance to breath fresh air.

Caffeine. Monitor and limit your caffeine intake. Avoid drinking stimulating beverages after 4pm.

Alcohol. Monitor and limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol consumption negatively affects sleep cycles. Passing out and sleeping aren't the same thing.

Smoking cigarettes is not recommended because it affects your breathing and if breathing patterns are constantly interrupted, the quality of sleep suffers. If you would like tips on how to quit smoking, please email us and we will send a list of strategies for you to consider.

Exercising daily definitely helps sleep. Sitting all day doesn't allow you to burn energy which will catch up with you when you hit the sheets. But remember, working out within 3 hours of bedtime counter productively boosts your energy.

Keep a journal. Many have trouble falling asleep because they worry. Instead of flinging problems through the jukebox of your mind, reserve some time in your day to write down your worries and set them aside. You might even try writing them on scrap paper and then throwing them out of your room.

Take time to relax. Quiet your mind by reading, meditating, or praying. Listen to some soothing music-- maybe even a lullaby. For more ideas on how to relax, see December 2002 Ewesletter.

I love my homespun spa smells good.

Herbal Bouquet. Surround your bed with soft fragrances of Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Elderflowers and Chamomile. For more ideas, please see our ingredients list.

Pillows and Mattresses. Your pillow should spring back to its horizontal position if you double it over. And a bag of lumpy mashed potatoes isn't an ideal way to describe your mattress. If you're constantly fighting to get comfortable, it might mean you need new bedding. In the meantime, flip your mattresses regularly- consider "spring forward" and "fall back" days as prompters.

Creating Wellness ebook is now available on!

Creating Wellness ebook is now available on

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