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Benefits of Homespunspa

Hello Spa Lovers. Are you interested in relaxing, managing stress, learning about skin care, achieving work/life balance, improving the quality of your life and getting a good night's sleep on a regular basis? Well, these are just some of the benefits associated with going to the spa.

Perhaps you are thinking, "Well that's all well and good and I am interested in spa treatments, but why should I book an appointment with Homespunspa specifically?"

As a mobile spa business, Homespunspa estheticians and spa therapists come straight to your door. We can do relaxing aromatherapy massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, energy healings and wellness coaching in the privacy of your own home.

Also, through our mobile spa services and home spa parties, we reveal timeless beauty secrets using natural ingredients which soften skin and inspire sweet dreams in the Victoria, BC area.

Creating Wellness ebook is now available on!

Creating Wellness ebook is now available on

Homespunspa's Loyal Customers

Before you make an appointment with Homespunspa Mobile Spa, you may be interested in reading about people who have benefitted from our services — Maybe you can relate to their stories! (Obviously, everyone's name has been changed to protect the privacy of the customer — we hope you like our choices :).

Star's Challenge: Stress

Star had a lot on her plate and she was feeling overwhelmed by the long list of things she had on her to do list with no clear focus or vision on how to get them done. She wondered if getting some life coaching might be helpful so she called Maria and after their conversation, she felt like she had more clarity and more self-awareness than she did before, as if a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders.

Jasmine's Challenge: Acne

Jasmine had just graduated from grade 12 and was getting ready to go to university to study economics. She was excited to start this new chapter in her life, but the pressures of taking final exams and working throughout the summer were taking their toll on her skin and unfortunately, her skin wasn't as clear as she wanted it to be. She wanted to start off the school year on the right foot so she contacted Homespunspa and had her first facial ever. She was pleased with the results she observed from the FACIAL FOR ACNE RELIEF, and the customized information she received about skincare — which she can continue while living in the dorms — and is now ready to hit the books without any distractions.

Ginger's Challenge: Aging Skin

Ginger was counting down the weeks to her 40th birthday. She had mixed feelings about hitting this milestone in her life. As she looked in the mirror one morning, she couldn't help but notice some fine lines around her eyes (which didn't seem to be there yesterday) and her complexion seemed a little dull. She decided right there and then that she would update her skincare products and celebrate her birthday at the same time. Ginger made an appointment for a RADIANCE FACIAL and suddenly she was feeling fine about turning forty.

Holly's Challenge: Allergies and Sensitivities to Scents and Fragrances

Holly liked the idea of going to the spa a few times a year, but she found that her allergies and sensitivities to scents and fragrances acted up when she spent time in a spa environment. Maybe it was the nail polish remover that was wafting over from the treatment room next door that caused the problems for her the last time she went or maybe one of the staff members was wearing perfume. With a mobile spa service, Holly doesn't have to worry about being exposed to synthetic fragrances in her own home because she has more control over her own environment. She also doesn't have to compete with appointments that might be happening concurrently in the spa. When she makes her appointments with Homespunspa Mobile, she reminds the esthetician not to wear any products that contain fragrances (like hairspray and deodorant) and to use unscented massage oil in her massages.

Rose's Challenge: Down in the Dumps

Rose was going through a tough time in her life. Nothing seemed to be going her way and she was starting to feel depressed. She needed to do something to lift her spirits, otherwise things might get worse. Somehow she got the idea to reach out to Homespunspa and decided to book an appointment for a facial. It was a good idea after all because during the appointment, she started feeling much, much better. Maybe it was the aromatherapy, maybe it was the massage, maybe it was doing something positive for herself, maybe it was Maria's sympathetic ear or maybe it was a combination of all of these things. "I guess I really needed that," said Rose and afterward things started looking up for her.

Basil's Challenge: Insomnia

Basil was having problems sleeping through the night. His friend referred him to Homespunspa and so he sent this email to us:

"To give you some background, I have been having sleeping problems for the last 3 or so years (previous to which I had almost no issues). I've been having trouble falling asleep and frequently I will lie in bed the entire night with no remedy. Generally I sleep between 45 minutes to 2-3 hours a night, beyond that point I tend to lie in bed not sleeping until it's time to get up. I'm a fairly anxious person and my mind never stops and races at night. I'm quite certain that stress, lack of exercise, and an overactive mind are the main issues that are contributing to the problem. What seems to help are: meditation, calming tea before bed, valarian root and melatonin, and smelling lavender essential oil. I have been able to 'deal' with this problem, but as you know, it can become quite debilitating, especially after successive nights of none or near-no sleep. "

In response to Basil's challenge with insomnia, we recommended regular relaxation massages using lavender (because we know he likes the aroma) to help him manage stress. After the first massage appointment, we also did an environmental assessment of Basil's home and offered suggestions on how he could increase his chances of getting a better night's sleep more often.

I love my homespun spa smells good.

Heather's Challenge: Mobility Issues

Heather was involved in an accident and as a result, she broke her right foot. In order for her foot to heal properly, she had to stay home for several weeks. After being laid up for awhile, she was completely bored out of her tree. One day while she was surfing the internet, she found Homespunspa and nearly jumped up and down when she found out we are based out of Victoria, BC and could come over to her house on short notice to give her a manicure. Heather really enjoyed the visit and getting a manicure made her day.

Poppy's Challenge: Modest Income

Poppy works as an administrative assistant for a small business and after paying her rent and living expenses, she doesn't have much money leftover to spend on the spa and esthetics. She recognizes that keeping a professional appearance will only help her career and she would love to go to the spa more often. She was really happy when she found out that Homespunspa services work on a case by case basis and together we were able to make arrangements that better suited Poppy's budget.

Dahlia's Challenge: New Mom and No Babysitter

Dahlia is the proud mother of three. Her oldest is 6, the middle child is 4 and her youngest was born less than a year ago. As much as she loves being a mother, she needs to put her feet up once in a while. She loves getting a pedicure every couple of months and with Homespunspa Mobile, she doesn't have to worry about hiring a babysitter or finding a parking spot for that matter and she can watch over her children while she takes some time for herself to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

Willow's, Iris's and Hyacinth's Challenge: Sandwich Generation

Iris has been taking care of her elderly mother, Hyacinth, for the past several months. Meanwhile, Iris's daughter, Willow, has temporarily moved back home to save money for school. Hyacinth was learning to cope with her loss of independence in this stage of her life, Willow was frustrated with her boyfriend and Iris was struggling with the responsibility of being her mother's primary caregiver and felt she was being pulled in too many directions. All three women are doing the best they can under the circumstances (you could write a sit-com about their daily life), but Iris, especially, needs a break every now and then. Willow found out about Homespunspa and suggested her idea to her mom. They made an appointment for all three the following week and they discovered, that in spite of their generation gaps, all prefer the scent of Bergamot over the other aromas in the Homepsunspa collection (which isn't surprising since they all drink Earl Grey Tea) and they all like to spa.

Forest's Challenge: Training to Run 10K

Forest has recently discovered that he likes to run in charity events. He has already run in 5K events, (like the Run for the Cure for Breast Cancer) and has now set his sights on the Times Colonist 10K. After pounding the pavement week after week for the past couple of years, his feet have really taken a beating. Just by luck, he found Homespunspa's RUNNER'S MASSAGE AND PEDICURE which includes a 60 minute massage that focusses primarily on the legs and feet. He loves the revitalizing foot soak and is very particular about the length of his toenails which, in his opinion, can really make or break a good run.

Violet's Challenge: Trying to Lose Weight

Violet has been on a mission to lose 60 pounds and is making great progress towards her goal. She goes to Jazzercise classes several times a week and she has also signed up with a personal trainer and nutritionist. So far she has lost 25 pounds but fears she might have hit a plateau.

Violet read somewhere that getting some sort of detoxifying body wrap treatment at a spa might just be her ticket to get back on track to losing more weight but at the same time, she was a little bit self-conscious about going to the chichi day spa she was eyeing. She was happy to learn through the grapevine that fellow Jazzerciser, Maria, offers a CARIBBEAN STYLE BODY TREATMENT on her mobile spa menu. After speaking with Maria on the phone, Violet learned that having the body wrap will help her manage her stress which may be contributing to her weight. She also learned that seaweed, a key ingredient in the Caribbean Style Body Treatment, will help draw out toxins from her body and will help boost her metabolism and will encourage more healthy weightloss.


If you've enjoyed your experience with us, I have a favour to ask you. Please, if you know of anyone who has a lot on their plate and is feeling stressed out, please send them in. We'd like to help them. With our complete wellness program of mobile spa services and life coaching, we will do our absolute best to make sure your friends get the same special care that you've received.

And when 3 of your friends make an appointment with me, Maria, as a result of your referrals, you'll receive your choice of a 60-minute service from the Homespunspa Mobile Spa menu, as my gift to you.

Choose a complimentary manicure, pedicure, massage, facial, numerology reading, or coaching session.

Thanks for your referrals! I sincerely appreciate your kindnesses.

Can you think of someone who might enjoy a mobile spa treatment or a coaching session?

If yes, great. Please let them know about Homespunspa Mobile Spa. Thank you!

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