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Author Chats with Maria

Coach, Healer, Author Maria Koropecky

Thank you for your interest in Maria's two ebooks, Creating Wellness (Homespunspa Enterprises 2015) and The Call of the Lapis Lazuli, the prequel (Homespunspa Enterprises 2016).

Maria would love to come to your book club, meetup, library, organization, event, or dinner party, and do an Author Reading and Q and A for your community.

Hi, my name is Maria and as a coach, healer, and author, I help introverts who are hearing a call to service and/or adventure, to work through reluctance and feel empowered to move further along their s/hero's journey, so they can ultimately transform their life, fullfill their mission, and share the elixir they've found with the rest of the world!


the call of the lapis lazuli ebook. Creating Wellness ebook.

In my new short story ebook, The Call of the Lapis Lazuli, I tell the story of my own heroine's journey, from the very beginning, before I was even born, when I first heard the call to adventure and met with my mystical and magical mentor, my Guardian Angel, Caliel.

Please read my blog post, "My Call to Adventure & Meeting with My Mentor," published May 25, 2016.

ISBN 978-0-9739283-2-7


This short ebook is a quick read, has lots of cheery photos, and contains some practical tips on how to relax and manage stress. If you want to be healthier and are committed to making some lifestyle changes, than reading Creating Wellness is a good start.

Please read my blog post, "Sharing a Tip from my Creating Wellness Ebook on how to Sleep Better," published January 7, 2016.

ISBN 978-0-9739283-1-0



author chats with Maria.


Maria Koropecky is the author of Creating Wellness and the Call of the Lapis Lazuli and is available for Author Chats in person on or Skype.

To request an Author's Chat with Maria for your Book Club, Libary, School, Workplace Wellness Program, Organization, and/or Event, please contact the author, Maria, directly by email homespunspa @ shaw dot ca or call 250-812-3487.

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Maria, whose last name, "Koropecky" means — according to her and some very small circles :) — "Cherry-Picker-Basket-Maker" in Ukrainian. Maria has a passion for everything spa and enjoys helping people who have a lot on their plate, relax and enjoy their lives more, through good conversations, story-telling, mobile spa services, and wellness coaching.

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    Maria is an Author, Wellness Coach, Esthetician, Energy Healer, Numerologist, Blogger, and the Owner of Homespunspa Mobile Spa in Victoria, BC, Canada.