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Homespunspa is the Mobile Spa of the Month!

We're delighted to announce that Homespunspa Mobile Spa has been selected by the Mobile Spa Network as the Mobile Spa of the Month for November 2015! More...

You know how everyone seems so stressed out and busy these days, well, at Homespunspa, we help people who have a lot on their plate relax and enjoy their lives more, through a total wellness program of mobile spa services and life coaching.

We specialize in healing body, mind and spirit: Esthetics and massage for the body, life coaching for the mind, plus energy healing, numerology readings, and spa parties for the spirit!

Homespunspa: 3 services in 1

Homespunspa is a mobile spa service, a home spa party-planning service and a service that provides information on wellness.

1. Mobile Spa: As a mobile spa service in the Victoria, BC area, Homespunspa estheticians come to your door — either your home, bed and breakfast, office, hospital room (with nurses' permission), event and even your yacht and private jet! We can do relaxing massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and more.

Mobile Spa Menu pdf: For a menu of our mobile spa services, please click here to download our current treatments and prices. Updated October, 2015.

2. Spa Party Service: Or, invite your friends over for a Homespunspa spa party. Choose from our "mini menu" of services which includes a mini facial, mini mani, mini pedi, mini massage, chair massage, and mini makeup.

3. Information & Education: And while you're here, check out the new Homespunspa blog. Learn fresh ways to relax, manage stress and take care of yourself. We teach you how to make your very own home spa treatments and recipes for sleep and beauty and we talk about things like nutrition, exercise, fashion, and esthetics and anything else that falls under the spa and wellness umbrella.

Join our Homespunspa community and receive our Spa Trivia Quiz — a perfect game for your next spa party — as our gift to you.

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Creating Wellness ebook is now available on!

Creating Wellness ebook is now available on

Our Mission

Based on the principles of comfort, folklore, goodwill, harmony, creativity and humour, our mission at Homespunspa is to form a circle of friends and together make a metaphorical quilt, covered with wondrous colours, patterns and textures, so we can all sleep better at night.

The official definition(s) of Homespunspa

homespun / [HOHM-spuhn]

adjective: 1. having plain or unsophisticated character. 2. woven or spun at home. 3. unpolished; rustic; coarse.

"We mean to exhibit ourselves here on New Year's day in homespun [clothing]." — Thomas Jefferson

"I hope Britain never junks the homespun simplicity of basic biscuits for garish, fancy packets." — Oliver Thring; Consider the Biscuit; The Guardian (London, UK); August 10, 2010.

spa / [spah]

noun: [After Spa, a resort town in Liège province, eastern Belgium, with medicinal mineral springs, discovered in the 14th century]. 1. A resort providing therapeutic baths. 2. A resort area having therapeutic mineral springs. 3. A fashionable hotel or resort. 4. A commercial establishment that employs estheticians and massage therapists with facilities for exercising, bathing and relaxing to condition the mind and body. 5. A bathtub for relaxation or invigoration, usually including the option for whirlpools. 6. soda fountain.

"There's a 60-foot swimming pool with music piped in underwater, an indoor/outdoor spa, a trampoline room, and a movie theater." — Wendy Kaufman, Bob Edwards, Gates' New House, Morning Edition (NPR), September 15, 1997.

Homespunspa / [HOHM-spuhn-spah]

noun: Homespunspa is a party-planning service that reveals spa-style recipes for sleep and beauty using natural ingredients.

"Sometimes a series of ephemeral experiences can lead a person to life-changing revelations. Such was the case for Maria Koropecky, whose connections with the natural world helped her to create a new line of plant-based spa products. Homespunspa, her Victoria-based company provides natural products for beauty and sleep using common ingredients found in the average kitchen pantry, garden and grocery store." — Gary Hynes, EAT Epicure & Travel magazine, issue 7:04 July/Aug 2003 p27.

Cheerleader's definition:

H is for Holistic; O is for Omega-3; M is for Massage; E is for Esthetics; S is for Sleep; P is for Pedicures; U is for Unwind; N is for Nutrition; S is for Sports; P is for Positivity; A is for Aroma. What does it spell? Homespunspa!

Homespunspa flower with Holistic, Omega 3, Massage, Esthetics, Sleep, Pedicures, Unwind, Nutrition, Sports, Positivity, Aroma on petals.