Ewesletter Sept 03

Students: don't forget — sleeping helps memory.

   As you may or may not know, Homespunspa is all about teaching recipes for sleep and beauty. Many of you can relate to the beauty thing, but some of you may wonder, why sleep? — there will be sleeping enough in the grave.
   Well, I'm a big fan of sleep. I use it as a coping strategy. When things get overwhelming for me, I tend to take a nap. I did it in high school and I did it in university (not in class 'mind you — except once in a Canadian History but I doubt I missed much. If I had kept the notes, I would show you the drool mark in my notebook. But I digress. I remember one of my English professors saying right before an exam as many students were frantically trying to re-read their notes, ”There's no point in studying now,” he said. “The best thing you could have done to prepare was to get a good night's sleep.”
   And I agree, because sleeping helps in the memory retention department. It helps you process what you are learning so you can apply it to something else later.
   This Ewesletter is dedicated to students everywhere, and may your memory kick in when you most need it. If all else fails, try studying with a little Mozart playing in the background (there's an image for you to contemplate) and occasionally taking sniffs of rosemary to boost your memory. And if you want to retire for the evening but your head is still spinning, just open to page 33 of your Canadian History textbook and you'll be asleep before you get to 35. I promise.

Royal Roads University 6:30am

   Last month, I had the privilege of participating in a photography contest organized by Royal Roads University here in Victoria. The contest was held in honour of Al, the Almost Albino Peacock, (the University's self-appointed ambassador) who met his untimely demise in January.
   My father went to Royal Roads and I had been meaning to go to the legendary campus to take some pictures and here was a great opportunity for me to explore the grounds.

Pondering History

    They still haven't told me I've won yet, but I will certainly treasure the three hours (starting at 6:30am — for the light!) and the 4-5 rolls of film I took trying to capture the moments of life and beauty on the spectacular campus. Here is Pondering History, one of the three images I finally chose to submit.

Dorm Room Spa Caddy

Do you know someone who is going to school this fall? Perhaps your student would appreciate a Homespunspa Dorm Room Spa Caddy which is filled with all kinds of neat things that will make studying easier.
Contains: Slumber mask kit with 4 herbal sachets, lip balm, rosemary essential oil (because rosemary is for memory), clay essential oil diffuser, popcorn kernels (popcorn takes me back to Delaware Hall 1987 every time), tin of wings tea, tea cup, socks, Do not disturb sign, yoga postures & current Ewesletter. All for $40 plus taxes and shipping. We ship anywhere.
Place your order today — either by calling 250-812-3487 or emailing: Homespunspa.

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Yours truly will be teaching a Home Spa course through Commonwealth Place starting September 30th. It will be a hands-on class showing how to create your own relaxing spa resort and fragrant beauty treatments. Please join me Tuesday evenings for 6 weeks in one of the labs at Claremont High School. I'm so excited!
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