Ewesletter May 04

The Summer Bedroom

      Because Homespunspa is all about recipes for sleep and beauty, in this month's Ewesletter, I'd like to talk about summer bedrooms and how you can prepare your space for the hot months ahead.

      Out with the coziness and the deep, dark, warmth of winter bedrooms, to sleep well in summer I need a room with a light, airy, breezy and cool feel.

      To set the conversion process going, the first thing I like to do to prepare for summer is flip my mattress. If you haven't already accomplished this task on “spring forward” day, now is just as good a time.

      Now that the mattress is bare, take the opportunity to run the vacuum cleaner over it and change the bedding from (if you're anything like me) thick flannel (mine have sheep and cat patterns) to crisp, clean and pale cotton sheets. Send your comforters through the washing machine and if you can swing it, air them dry in the sunshine.

      The stuff surrounding you while you're sleeping has a large impact on the quality of sleep you achieve. Here's a chance for you to de-clutterize your space. Toss any dust collectors. Is there anything — maybe a book on your shelf — which has been sitting there untouched for five or more years and you know deep down you're never going to read it? Well, pitch it, give it away or recycle it because the guilt that is keeping your book, knick knack, or item of clothing, on your shelves, in your drawers and in your closet is weighing on your mind and is keeping you from enjoying a peaceful night's sleep. It's amazing the impact our stuff has on our day to day life.

      Keeping your bedroom clean and tidy will have a dramatic affect on your sleeping patterns. When I was younger, I used to wonder why my parents insisted that I make my bed every day. What a waste of time, I thought. But there's something pleasing about arranging and layering sheets and pillows and throw-blankets the way you like and then coming home and falling into your bed after a long, active, fun-in-the-sun day.

      For added touches of class, have a fresh bottle of water and fancy glass sitting on a tray next to your bed as if you're on vacation at a expensive spa resort. Have sheer curtains billowing in the moonlight. Prepare some sachets, fill them with lavender, lemon verbena or chamomile and place them in your pillows for an extra whiff of relaxing summer fragrance. And you can always place a satin slumber mask over your eyes to block out extra light.

      So there's no need to toss and turn this summer trying to maintain the right body temperature. Design your bedroom space to help you get a good night's sleep. — Maria

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