Ewesletter Mar 04

Welcome to Homespunspa's e-newsletter, Ewesletter. Homespunspa is a service which teaches recipes for sleep and beauty using naturally-occurring ingredients and Ewesletter is our monthly e-newsletter which shares even more secrets of the spas. I received the pic shown right from a concerned friend in Ottawa last week and had to include it in this issue. She said a friend of hers had just come back from visiting his brother in Victoria and witnessed first hand the terrible damage we sustained after a few particularly heavy storms this winter. Thank goodness March is here and the bulk of winter is behind us. —Maria

—Photo by Jeff Fredrickson

Green patio chair knocked over.

Big Announcement #1


Homespunspa has been super busy these last few months getting ready for the local spring and summer market scene. We have been talking, tinkering, tabulating, testing (and other words that don't start with the letter “T”) in the office and in the workshop, coming up with a whole new product line for our customers. More details on the official launch of the Homespunspa Lavender Line to follow in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled, one ear to the ground and your nose pointing forward.


Big Announcement #2


Homespunspa won an award! On February 25th at the Biz Vic Club House, Maria Koropecky accepted the honour for best Business Victoria Directory site listing. Check out www.bizvic.com and you will see Homespunspa — front and center — as the featured listing. It's not best actor, director or screenplay, but it's a start. On the official letter it says, “You have shown a commitment to using the site to it's fullest potential...Thank you for being one of our proudest examples of a well-done Business Victoria Directory Listing.” And the $25 gift certificate to the Sticky Wicket Pub was the cherry on the cake of this thrilling Homespunspa moment. Thank you Greater Victoria Economic Development Commission!

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