Ewesletter June 04

Make your own herbal sachets to preserve the sweet scents of summer

      Because Homespunspa is all about recipes for sleep and beauty using naturally occuring ingredients, I'd like to address herbal sachets in this month's Ewesletter. Although they may sound a little old-fashioned, herbal sachets are highly practical, totally portable and really easy to make. You can use them wet or dry and boost their fragrances down the road with essential oils.

  1. To make herbal sachets, all you need to do is find, make or buy a pouch of some sort. I use empty tea bags (not re-used ones from my afternoon tea break though). They come in 1 to 4 cup sizes and you can purchase a brand called t-sac from Homespunspa if you can't find them in your neighbourhood. If you sew, you can make your own packets with scrap fabric. And if you're a real keener, embellish your sachets with fancy embroidery stitches.
  2. Then gather your favourite herbs and spices from your garden and pantry. Check www.homespunspa.com ingredients page for information about the various healing properties associated with each plant. Citrus peels are great to use. Cinnamon sticks are excellent. Just let your imagination play.
  3. Fill the pockets with your ingredients and seel the bag. Use string, ribbon, a staple, heat-sensitive fabric adhesive, whatever you have on hand. If you can, attach a lable listing the herbs and spices you used for future reference.

Now that you have some sachets kicking around, here are some suggestions for their use:

  • Steep the sachet in water (as if you were making tea) and dunk your feet in the infusion. Foot baths clean, refresh and deodorize aching feet.
  • Hang the sachet from your bathtub tap and create a remarkable skin-soothing and relaxing bath experience.
  • Use herbs that work well on hands and nails and soak your fingers to start off a manicure.
  • Choose herbs that are known to help your complexion and create your own spa-style face steam treatment.
  • Add a sachet to your laundry water.
  • Herbal sachets make great gifts.
  • Put one in your kleenex box to scent the tissues.
  • Place in your drawers and closets to keep moths away.
  • Tuck one away in your pillow case and slumber mask to help you fall asleep.
  • Bring a sachet on your next camping trip and put one in your sleeping bag for extra protection against mosquitos.
  • Drop one into the dryer when you do your laundry.
  • Throw one around the house as a pet toy.
  • Place in your shoes to keep them fresh.
  • Carry one around in your gym bag.

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