Eweseletter Dec 02

As I was driving home from my Jazzercise class the other evening, I noticed many neighbours had already decorated the outsides of their homes with strings of Christmas lights. What a wondrous spectacle. It occurred to me that lighting up the darkest nights of the year is what Christmas is all about. I can stack metaphors about light to the moon and back, but for now I'd simply like to say that for me light represents hope— hope that we will experience world peace in
Jesus was born over 2000 years ago into a chaotic world, overcoming a series of barriers. But his message of peace and love continues to bring light to the darkness and hope for the future.
So in my eyes, winding bulbs around trees so the light casts a warm glow, setting the table with candles to brighten the faces of family members, outlining front doors with more luminescense — all extend messages of hope and goodwill for all to see which ultimately translates into moments of world peace.
Wishing you and your family a very bright and merry Christmas, Maria Koropecky, Homespunspa Chief, Cook and Bottle Washer.

And the children were nestled all snug in their beds...
Do yourself a favour and make sure you sleep well during the month of December because it will give you stamina to keep up with all of the baking, decorating, shopping, travelling, celebrating and visiting that comes part and parcel with this time of year.
1. Make sure your bedroom is calming, quiet and cozy and free from all of the hubbub of the rest of the house.
2. While the sugar plums are dancing in your head, plunk in your favourite book on tape into your cassette player and listen to someone else read you a classic Christmas story.
3. Spend some time outside in the fresh air everyday.
4. Create your own room perfume mist spray. All you need is a 60ml bottle with sprayer, distilled water and essential oils. Try combining 5 drops Juniper Berry, 5 drops Pine and 4 drops Mandarin.
5. If you happen to eat too many rich foods and drink too many festive beverages during the holidays, supplement your indulgences with many glasses of water. Drinking water will help with digestion, headache prevention, dehydration and countless other holiday baaa humbugs.
lamb sleeping

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