Ewesletter Aug 03

Surf's Up: Let's go to the beach

It says Canada's Ocean Playground on Nova Scotian license plates and having been born there and being the daughter of a naval commander, I have a special fondness for the sea. And of course it has spa written all over it.

SEA BREEZE: I had the priveledge of sitting in the backseat of a zippy convertible yesterday and I loved the feeling of the wind blowing through my hair as we wound our way down the treelined highway to Sooke. The wind gently tugged my hair in every direction, massaging my scalp, making me feel relaxed and contented. You can probably get the same sensation on a boat or windy beach.

SOUNDS: Listening to the sound of the churning surf rhythmically pounding and crashing its way up and down the coastline can send you into a meditative state which allows your mind to contemplate the universe and your body to rest.


SPLASH: Are you one of those people who charges right into the roaring surf without looking back. Or are you more like me — a cautious toe dipper who eases in one torturous inch at a time. Regardless of your approach, I can't think of anything more exhiliarating and life affirming than splashing around in chilly ocean waves.


SEAWEED: Some people may consider blobs of seaweed strewn along the beach as goopy and unsightly, but oceanic plants are quite a valuable resource. These gifts from the sea with names like kelp, carrageen, nori, dulse and bladderwrack have been used for centuries for nourishment and beauty. They are filled with magnesium, zinc, iron and are rich in Vitamins B, C, and E. As spa treatments, they help clean and moisturize skin, soothe aching muscles and above all, detoxify the body.

wood on beach

SAND: Walking barefoot on the sand massages the soles of your feet and scrubs away dead skin. And the extra effort it takes to walk on the shifting grains, adds a little kick to your exercise routine.

STORIES: The ocean has inspired countless stories through the ages. But one of the first stories ever recorded, Homer's The Odyssey, even has its own spa scene. It's true. You remember Odysseus, the guy who spent much of his life sailing around the world trying to make his way back home. Well, when he arrives on Circe's island, she gives him an incredible spa treatment he wouldn't soon forget. When the bright copper [cauldron] was boiling, she sat me down in a bath and washed me with water...mixed with cold to a comfortable heat, sluicing my head and shoulders till all the painful weariness was gone from my limbs. My bath done, she rubbed me in olive oil, and clothed me in a fine tunic.

WHEN YOU GO, don't forget to bring:

Something to eat and drink, a blanket to sit on, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, a book to read, a towel, sandcastle-building tools, a journal amd pen, your camera, frizbee, volleyball, your dog, flipflops, umbrella and anything else you can think of to make your day at the beach more fun and relaxing.

Bring the beach back home...

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