A Spa — Right From Your Fridge


Sometimes a series of ephemeral experiences can lead a person to life-changing revelations. Such was the case for Maria Koropecky, whose connections with the natural world helped her to create a new line of plant-based spa products. Homespunspa, her Victoria-based company provides natural products for beauty and sleep using common ingredients found in the average kitchen pantry, garden and grocery store.
Developing the idea for Homespunspa has been a lifetime process for Koropecky. "There are all these little moments in life that add up," she says. "When I was little my mother would show me plants and herbs from our garden and tell me how we could use them to help us. One day she broke off a leaf from an aloe vera pant and used it to heal a skin burn. That, and other experiences like it, awakened in me an interest that has kept building through the years."
A couple of years ago Koropecky was house sitting and decided to invite a few of her friends for a sleep-over. "We sat around the kitchen table, drinking wine, eating gourmet food, doing our nails and talking about our boyfriends. I remember thinking that there must be a way to turn this pleasurable experience into a business because it was such a relaxing and good time."
At the time, I was stressed out over losing a job. I dreamt of going to expensive spas but since I couldn't afford them, I began to experiment with recipes for spa products at home." She purchased essential oils, burned them in her apartment and found that her mood would improve. She thought, why not start a company which would encourage people to convert their home environment into a personal spa resort.
The idea of the spa goes back thousands of years to the Romans who would travel to sources of mineral water. There weren't many manufactured products back then so they used what was around for washing their hair and for enhancing massages. This knowledge has been past down and remains consistent with what we know about the uses of herbs and other plants.
It is from this body of knowledge that Koropecky has created her all-natural products. To make it an easy experience for her clients, she has created a line of prepackaged products. The "Spa Caddy" is a box that looks like a gift-wrapped present and is filled with an assortment of her products. Each Spa Caddy has been named after a Canadian National Park and is themed and can be used to start your own home spa or given as gifts. For a complete list of Homespunspa products or for more information contact them at 250-812-3487 or homespunspa at shaw dot ca or visit the website at www.homespunspa.com.
How would you like to learn how to make your very own head-to-toe beauty and relaxation treatments using everyday fruits, vegetables, herbs, condiments, dairy products and cereals?
Styling by HOMESPUNSPA. Hair by Patricia Leno of ARQ HAIR WORKSHOP, 1317 Douglas St. 361-4664. Modeled by KIM OF BARBARA COULTISH TALENT & MODEL MANAGEMENT. Written by Gary Hynes for EAT Epicure & Travel magazine, issue 7:04 July/Aug 2003 p27. Reproduced electronically with permission.